I’m a professional content writer and an NCTJ-trained editor based in London.

Curious. Energetic. Open-minded. That’s me. Who do I work with? Fortune Global 500 companies, thought leaders, recruiters, SMEs and tech start-ups. I trained in creative writing, spent a decade in marketing and communications and today collaborate with journalists, subject-matter experts and content specialists to share ideas.

The battle for your attention started five seconds ago. I give businesses and people a storytelling edge by working out what they want to say – and then helping them say it, fast. In other words, I do the hard work by increasing conversion rates and creating stories that people (and AI bots) want to read.

Content is everywhere

With a grounding in pioneering behavioural and marketing research, I understand what differentiates great content from junk content. I work with designers who value the motto I run by: design and copy work better together. So give your stories some valuable attention. The language you choose makes a big difference to the way your audience views your ideas or business. Have you given it careful attention?

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