Is today’s MBA fit for tomorrow’s purpose?

This is one of many questions posed at LinkedIn’s London offices. New jobs, lost jobs – unfilled jobs.

The pressing need for lifelong learning, a hyperconnected global environment and technology shifts are coalescing to redefine the future of work.

The way I see it, LinkedIn is like a water channel. Imagine two streams on opposite sides of the channel, flowing in and out – prospective students on one side, talented graduates on the other – all swirling together to create value for everyone.

Educators can be platforms, too, if they embrace offering short bursts of useful information at the moment it’s needed most.

And there’s new urgency to think like a platform. Skills learnt two years ago are already out of date.

Growing up, did you dream of being a cryptocurrency trader, a 3D printing specialist or a scientist involved in molecular gastronomy to feed a swelling population? Did you expect the language skill most in demand in London in 2018 to be a programmatic one – Perl, Python, Ruby? If yes, you’re part on an exclusive navel-gazing club, and you’re the best futurist I know.

Read my three key takeaways from LinkedIn’s recent INSPIRE event.

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