Harness these proven habits to transform your business, your community – your life

London Business School faculty engage with successful people every day. These highly effective people have achieved success by transforming habits that shape every aspect of their lives.

This is a unique take on Stephen R. Covey’s top-seller book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The list has nothing to do with trends, it is based on proven values of wellness, openness, fairness, integrity and human progress.

Here are the seven patterns of highly successful people, as observed by the experts.

1. They prioritise physical and mental wellness
2. They engage in perspective-taking
3. They are fuelled by curiosity
4. They nudge for good
5. They move first in negotiations
6. They focus energy on what matters
7. They cherish creativity and think differently.

This post first appeared on London Business School Review.

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