Global Business Cases

I’m an award-winning business case writer because I’m pretty uncompromising about wanting to know it all. I write vivid cases that can be taught worldwide. This project typically involves interviewing, desk research, and plenty of communication. Sometimes travel.

Blog and Feature Writing

There are three options. One, a teaser blog post that inspires the reader to take action. Two, a comment or an opinion post on a trending topic (perhaps you’d like me to cover an event) – if ghostwritten, this works well on LinkedIn. Three, a longer editorial-style feature on a current trend or topic.

B2B and B2C Multi-Media Campaigns

Promotional eDMs with 3x subject line options, 3x snippet options, body copy, and a call to action. Banner ad options for third party sites. Social media posts for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to drive clicks to your content.

Content Marketing and Strategy

Whether it’s how-to guides addressing a specific issue – an effective piece of content in the middle of the funnel – or impact stories written about how an end-user has solved a business problem with the help of a product or service, I strategise the why before the what.

Digital, Web and SEO copywriting

Web copy with a header, subheads, body copy and call to action. Optimised, of course, for both your audience and SEO.


I make the words written by others as clear as possible. With a watchful eye – for style, tone, jargon, and grammar – I help your message land with your audience faster.

Script Writing

To create the narrative for the podcast or film voiceover, I storyboard the script and map how to knit together the key points.

Speaking Engagements

Storytelling, human psychology, nudge theory, content strategy, and the technology shift.

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